And now the waiting is over

Tonight, at about 8:10 Dad took his last breath and his heart slowed to a stop.  I am very glad I was there.  One minute there were very weak breaths, then those were done.  One minute there was life, fragile as it was, then it was gone.  Dad just kind of slipped quietly away.

The emotions are complicated at a time like this; a death that is in many ways a relief from a disease that began to take Dad away years ago.  However, there was a strong bond that withstood the ravages of the disease and the last few years have let us take time for him as we prepared for this sort of inevitable day.  It is hard to part from someone you really love, even if they are going on a journey to a better place.

So, my Dad, Thomas Lloyd Dice, born Aug. 24, 1919 in Prince Albert, died today, Nov. 18, 2005.  Eighty six years lived to the full.

The end of a long chapter of my story.  The beginning of a whole new chapter of his – the eternal life begins.


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  1. And so my prayers are sent to you now. Please send my love to our dear Auntie Florence and the entire Dice Family. May God’s peace illuminate your hearts and may there be joy amongst the sorrow that Tom is now in the arms of the One who has been his comforter and guide his whole life. Today there is great rejoicing in Heaven I am sure as your dad enters The Kingdom

  2. As i stood there last night I had all the memories going through my head of all the times we worked together on things for the deacons.

    It was good.

    Peace to his memory.

  3. I’m thinking of you and your family, all the more, this weekend.

  4. I’m sorry for your loss. Praying for you and your family as you grieve.

  5. Donna

    My sincere sympathy…I have yet to feel the loss of a parent. I only hope that I am trusting, grace-filled and at peace as your words convey that you are during the last days before the Lord calls them home.

  6. I am sorry for your loss, Linea.

  7. Sharon

    In the midst of all you’re going through, you continue to uphold me and all that our family is experiencing too….what would I do without you. Thank you for your love.

    We’re asking God for his sweet presence in your family in these days Linea, for him to breathe his breath of peace and strength into each of you. Blessings……

  8. Deb

    I too am sorry for your loss. What a wonderful thing to have lived a long, full life and then to exit with loved ones surrounding you.