This week has been different.  When I went to work on Monday, I let my staff know that my dad was not doing well and that I may have to take some time off during the week.  Now here we have made it through this long week, and it has really been a busy one in terms of work, with no cancellations. 

We wait for death as we do for birth.  There are forces at play in both situations that we do not understand or control.  We like to think we control our bodies but for the really important events, the coming and the going, we wait.  We take what we are given, whenever and however it is given, and we deal with it. 

It is hard to describe what it has been like this week.  It has been tiring as I have gone to see my dad before and after work and have carried on with the rest of life as well.  My family have been gracious; taking care of the meals and stuff, letting mom spend time with Grandpa.  They haven’t seen much of me.  But we all know there are few days left to spend with Dad.

So, today, I have the day off.  I will help start the funeral arrangements.  There will be time to sit at Dad’s side watching him move closer and closer to his time to go.  His breathing last night was so shallow.  Things are shutting down.  His grip is getting weaker.  The signs of impending death are getting more evident.  It may be today.  It will be soon.  The process is inevitable and since the place he is going, confident that he is going to be with the God whom he loved so much, is going to be so much better we hope he will not stubbornly cling to his failing body for too much longer. 


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  1. Deb

    You and your family are in my prayers.

  2. barb

    I pray that our Lord will continue to surround you with His AMAZING GRACE, that He will hold you close and guide you and your family in the next few days. IHS…Barb