I think all the details are taken care of.  I would hate to have to arrange a funeral in the case of the tragic loss of a loved one.  I certainly would not go to work in the morning the day before the funeral.  Ah well, today is about over.  Here we sit this evening, sisters and brothers –in-law, sitting around with our kids, visiting and talking.  Rolling in laughter over the time when Dad had Glenn cram his feet into two different sized boots and then could not get them off for all his pulling.  Good times.  Fun memories.  And with our kids around I suspect we are creating some memories for them at the same time.


However, we are tired.  Tomorrow will be a long day and stressful a bit at least.  At least for the tributes some of us are giving and the kids doing their music and carrying out their duties for Grandpa.


This morning we got the news of the death of my brother-in-laws father as well.  So we go from Dad’s funeral to the funeral of Cliff Campbell on Saturday.  Two pastors, Dad and Cliff, following each other into the Kingdom.  I bet they are having a wonderful time – whole and healthier than they have ever been before.



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  1. Sharon

    Another saint into the kingdom! Ken and I had our first glimpse of what “Christian” really meant as we watched Cliff with a bunch of young church kids at the Little Red Park chopping wood for a fire wearing his big hunting boots, rolled up “red Scottish tartan” lumberjack shirt and messy hair, giving himself to the youth and loving them. Peace be to his memory….and to all of you and your family especially today Linea, as you honor your dad, our friend,

    Thomas Lloyd Dice.


  2. Although I was still quite small when Cliff was the pastor of our church, I still remember him as my first pastor. And through all the years I cannot think of a time when I didn’t see him smiling. He seemed to radiate with joy. It always made me happy just to see him.

    My thoughts and prayers go with Hugh and Faith and the girls and Hugh’s family.