I'm making a list

When I make a major faux pas, I feel pretty rotten.  Well, I made one today.  I assumed that Rachelle knew things.  I made her feel bad by not communicating very well at all.  I am at my worst when I am stressed so I could use that as an excuse.  But mostly I am just not the world’s most organized person and I messsed up.  I am glad she accepted my appologies.  I have to remember that communicating dosen’t just involve me thinking something – I have to say or do what has to be done. 

The past few days I haven’t remembered very well who I told what so that didn’t help much.  Lists – I need to make them and use them. 


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  1. Linea – we found after Sarah’s death that memory was very difficult – we just couldn’t remember anything important. Don’t be too surprised if you do find yourself forgetting a lot of things. If you can, take steps as you are already, then it will help a great deal.

    Remembering you and your family.