We will return to "normal"

Not much blogging has been going on here.  I think things will get back to normal but I have been too exhausted to blog.  I’m usually a very early riser but have found myself sleeping in and still waking up tired.


This week has been full – from preparing for Dad’s funeral at the beginning of the week to attending the funeral of Rev. Cliff Campbell, my sister’s father-in-law in Saturday.  It hasn’t been so much the sadness, since both served God and now have gone to spend eternity with him, but it has been, just the same, a highly emotionally draining week. 


Then Friday was a long day in the operating room.  Our anesthetist, who is really a nice guy and who I hate to complain about since he is very careful and very kind, is sooooo… slow.  So a good part of the day was spent waiting for him to induce a patient or wake them up.  That took over an hour for each case.  We didn’t get out of there and back to the office till 2:30.  An hour late for seeing the afternoon patients.  No lunch hour.  My partner saw four of my patients for me – thank you Roger!  Everyone had ordered food from Boston Pizza for noon.  We came back to cold strombolis and still had a few patients to see.


Then home to get ready for the drive to Alberta for the funeral. 


The drive is pretty in the daylight.  Friday night was dark and moonless.  Fog hung heavily over the hills, coating everything with hoarfrost.  It also made seeing any deer on the roadside almost impossible.  It was good to get as far as Loydminster safely.


Meanwhile back at the church we had prayer week.  The preparation wasn’t too much work since we used resources from the past two years which Randall had saved but there were two extra take downs for the funerals at the church and two extra set ups.  Final take down will be on Sunday which is also the first Sunday in Advent and our family advent program in the afternoon.  Grey Cup parties in the evening.  Not sure we could have packed more things into this week.  I love the prayer week leading up to Advent, the freedom to just go and sit there in the presence of God and the way the stations direct my thoughts and prayers.  I only wish I could have had more time free from all the other stuff that I had to do.  That is life I guess.  And God is there in the midst of all this stuff, the unavoidable busyness of this week.


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  1. Toni

    Still remembering you and yours, Linea.

    I think you’ll find tiredness is a natural part of the process too. Took quite a while to recover.

  2. I’m very sorry to hear about your father. I’ll be praying for you and your family.

    – Jeanette

  3. Your writings on here over the past while have been challenging for me. Challenging and inspirational too. I have some great memories of your dad. I will pray for your family. And go ahead and link to my blog. I plan on linking to you.

  4. so sorry for your loss.