Meanwhile Christmas is coming

I have been very busy over the past week putting the finishing touches – actually rewriting at least 6 drafts – of an article on postmodernism for our denominations Canadian quarterly paper.  It has been hard work but is work I like and I even like the discipline it requires.  It makes me really sympathize with Becky writing her Master’s paper.  It helps to have a couple of helpful souls around who don’t mind editing.  Thanks Randall and Leo.  Without you two I would be way too verbose.  I wonder how much it will get edited before it is printed. 


I will maybe post the whole thing here even if it is a bit long.  But maybe I’d better wait till it is published in print first.


Meanwhile, Christmas is coming and I have a score of things that were not getting done while I was writing.  Pizza to organize for this Sunday’s church Christmas party, gifts to get for certain people, hampers to help with, and my least favorite – phone calls to make.  I also have to call and make a doctors appointment; another thing I have been putting off way too long.  And our outdoor lights have not even been hooked up yet this year.


This weekend is going to be a bit hectic I think.  Making lemon squares, tourtiere and shortbread.  Housecleaning and wrapping presents.  I need to do so many things.  And then Christmas arrives and I have a week off.  That will be the best – some time to sit and read in front of the fireplace.




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  1. I’d really like to read your entire article, even if you don’t post it here. Maybe you could email it my way. I love to edit, by the way. I’d be glad to help some time if you need it.