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Halfway through the first week back

Half way through the first week back at work.  Or pessimistically speaking – half the week to go.

For some reason, I have had a headache since the week began.  I haven’t gotten back into the rhythms of work life yet, I think that is the reason for the nagging headache.  That and the fact that this week has held its share of “interesting” patients. 

One real weird woman.  Wants the impossible, books an appointment for a specific procedure.  Gets in the chair and starts to question what is planned; couldn’t we do this instead.  Then severely overreacts to the slightest discomfort by wincing, jumping and worst of all, by reaching up and grabbing my hand or some instrument.  Almost a guaranteed way to get a penetrating injury!  I can deal with fear in patients but weirdness is so unpredictable!  And maybe the most uncomfortable part – she knows someone I know and so she comes in and addresses me on a first name basis as if I were a long lost friend. 

That is almost as bad as the obnoxious Christian patients who are unreasonably demanding and uncharitable to boot.  I keep hoping that the staff who must cheerfully listen to them whine and complain do not identify their behaviour as typical of all followers of Christ.

Then there are a lot of just difficult cases that can show up in the same week – technically difficult or glitches that have to be worked out, taking more time than planned.  Those can be challenging or simply tiring and this week they may be more tiring just because it is the first week back.  And it was so nice to be off for a full week and a bit!


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