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Church Seats?

So, I slip over to the Resonate Journal to see what’s up.  Lo – there is a Google ad that catches my eye.  Sounds very holy – must have to the computer – probably tagged the church word.  LOL for sure.


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Hospital Ennui

And now here I am, home from work, working on supper before I head up to the hospital to sit with my aunt again.  Last night I had a good time with my aunt.  She was fairly confused – was not sure why she had to stay in the hospital when it was much better at her home.  She was very lonely, feeling as if all her independance had been taken away from her; not only that but she couldn’t find her teeth and her hair was not presentable.  We spent a good hour and a half just talking and having devotions together.  She just needed someone there.  Hospitals are lonely places even when you are too sick to leave. 

At least there was an hour and a half when the IV was not pulled out and when she did not put herself at risk of falling again from getting out of her restraints.

The last time I had to be in hosptial I don’t know that I was any more patient.  Shades of things to come for me?  Restraints and frustrated children looking after their stubborn independant mother in a slightly demented state.  Payback for sure!

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Doing herodontics again

Today seemed long.

On the plus side the sky was lightening in the east on my way to work and as I write this, the sun is still imparting a glow to the sky. 

But at work, the day seemed long.  It was busy enough , so didn’t drag.  In fact, I decdided to do a couple of fillings for a guy from out of town so he would have to make fewer trips down from La Ronge, and completely missed my lunch hour.  Maybe I am just too old to be missing my lunch – I don’t have the energy I used to have.  Or maybe it was the difficult filling I ended the day with.  That one bordered on what we term “herodontics”.  the last tooth in the arch and the filling went way down on the back side of it (distal) below the line where the enamel of the tooth joins the root.  Did what we call a sandwich restoration – using two different materials, one which can be flowed down into the far depths onto the root area and the other a regular bonded sivler filling.  A challenge. 

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