Weekend Grandma

That was fun!

Kieran stayed with us from Friday to yesterday.  He is such a good little guy.  maybe his parents should give lessons on how to parent – or maybe they just lucked out.  I can’t remember his dad being so good as a two year old.

Saturday I took him grocery shopping with me.  I figured he is still too little to insist on me getting a lot of junk food.  We didn’t do too badly.  he has definate ideas on what kind of yogurt he wants.  The roar kind.  That took me a few minutes!  But then I saw the lion picture on the little mini yogurts and did the right thing.

His last night with us was the toughest.  He was coming down with a cold and kept waking up crying – every 30 minutes or less fro about 10:30 till 2 am.  Best way to keep the noise levels down was to lie down beside him and give him lots to drink.  The floor is hard!  In the morning work.  Sedation morning.  I do not desire to have any more children – ever. 

Grandchildren however will always be welcome to sleep over.  I can always make it through a night or two.  You, who are parents of young children having to be up at night, have my greatest respect.  I guess I did it too when my kids were young – and I was too.


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