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I had a dream

This may be either foolish or brave – sharing this.  I am still mulling over what it means, if anything.

I had a dream

No this is not the sort of dream of freedom and equality that Martin Luther King had.  Just a dream in the night that made me wake up and write it down.


I do not dream much.  I think I used to, but not any more.  So in a way I guess just having a dream that woke me up and one that disturbed me enough to remember, is pretty significant. 


Let me tell it to you as best I can remember it.


I was on a train.  All the seats were full so I was surrounded by people.  At the beginning there was something that was warning me of impending disaster.  It seems to me it was a woman but that is pretty fuzzy.  Somehow I had something in my hand that I if I reached down through the floor of the train and placed it on the track, it would prevent the disaster.  But I remember being unsure.  Would this work or would it actually cause the disaster?  And I was afraid to ask the woman what to do. I decided to do nothing. 


We approached a railway bridge or something like that.  I think it was a bridge since we ended up in a river.  As the car I was in went onto the bridge the cars behind ours started to derail.  As that happened, the bridge collapsed.  I remember thinking that I should have tried to prevent this; that I could not have made anything worse than this happen.  And then also thinking that if I make it out into the river that I could swim to the far shore and be OK. 


Somehow that is what happened.  We hurtled far enough across the river that I was able to head for the opposite shore.  I wasn’t hurt.  I held my breath and made it out of the submerged car.  But lots of people didn’t make it.  Somehow I knew that.  The only other person I knew was Grace, my daughter.  She also made it to the shore with me but then I lost her.  Funny, because she only seemed to come onto the scene right at the end – I don’t think I dreamed her being with me from the beginning.


Then I woke up.


It seems somehow as if there is more to this than just a dream.  I


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