On rescuing people.

Yesterday it snowed most of the day.  They say that we could get more snow still, but today has been precipitationless pretty much.  Randall has been lamenting the snow and Lauralea has been shovelling far too much.  Since my son’s business usually does the snow clearing, I had a brilliant idea.  I would do Lauralea a favor and ask my son (the one that hung around at my house  yesterday, snowbound – not the one who owns the business) to take the bobcat for a little detour by the Friesen’s when he cleared the church lot.  He went by the church lot and found it has been cleared already – some generous person with large equipment? had gotten there first.  So he got ready to drive the bobcat by the Friesen house. 

On the way the bobcat caught on fire.  No idea what did it but it went up in smoke.  Firetrucks and all!  Toast.  Now dead.

Sorry Lauralea.  I tried. 

A snowblower is rising towards the top of my list of things I would like for Christmas.  A nice one with an electric start.  Not too heavy since in all likelihood it is me that will be pushing it.


We have had enough snow for now. 


Second rescue – we took my aunt out of the hospital for a trip to church.  This is the first time out since she broke her hip.  She is doing remarkably well in physical healing.  She was able to manage in her walker quite well although linoleum floors are easier than even short pile carpet.  Mentally she has lost some ground.  She is not as oriented to place and time as she was before going into hospital.  But she has no trouble remembering the people around her that love her so much.  She had a good time at church.  After, we took her for lunch and fed her non-hospital food.  I think we gave her a good work-out.  She went back to the hospital and was ready for a nap.


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  1. Peg

    It was so great to see Aunty today. It made my trip to PA worth the while. She is one of the big reasons I look forward to being back in PA. Close enough for me to see her and for my children to get to know her a bit better.

    And I just hope the snow stops because I have a long trip back North ahead of me.

    PS. Thanks again for your straight forward email and offer for coffee. I look forward to it.

  2. And thanx indeed for the huge effort.

    I actually feel a bit guilty that he was on the way to my house when the thing toasted.

    But thanks.

  3. Don’t feel too guilty. I was doing it for Lauralea. You don’t shovel really, do you? 🙂

  4. Hey!!!

    I shoveled the whole front and side walk today!

  5. Linea

    Watch out or you will impress me!