A long time ago…

Actually 57 years ago today, a bit before this picture was taken, I was born.  I think this picture was taken sometime in the late spring or early summer back in 1949.  I was born in Saskatoon and this picture was taken on my grandparent’s farm north of Prince Albert, I think.  My dad was a student in Saskatoon at the time, at Luther Seminary, I believe.  I am in my mom’s arms, my dad is holding my brother who was just a year old. 

I have been celebrating this birthday since Friday when Leo took me out for supper at Amy’s.  Over the weekend we have done various family things, including the dinner with my aunt on Sunday.  Tonight Sara “cooked” supper.  She ordered Chinese food from Star House.  That is her idea of cooking.  Funny, my boys can all cook.  My girls are best at take out food.  Anyway, we had fun and the food was great.

Some of my special gifts – several books: The Renovare Study Bible, The Genesee Diary by Nouwen and a gift certificate for another book.  Also Iona’s Open Sky CD, chocolate and some ear rings.  And a beautiful  photo of an Orchis rotundifolia (round leaved orchid) from Alberta by Michelle.  I even got a slobbery kiss from my grandson.  A good day except that I ate too much good stuff.


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  1. Happy Birthday! (From Dixie, too. She’s sitting right next to me reading this.)

    Hooray for getting the Renovare Spiritual Formation Bible!

  2. Hoppy birdie for yesterday.


  3. Sharon

    You are blessed……and I am blessed to know you. Many happy returns of the day.