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Road warnings

Late yesterday afternoon, Sara and I headed down to Saskatoon.  She and I needed to be at a parnet/teen meeting getting ready for her trip to California for the Easter break with Youth For Christ.  Since Sara has been little, visiting Disneyland has been one of her dreams.  Since it was never high on our agenda for vacation spots, I am glad she can finally go.  She has no friends who have decided to go along with her; it’s fairly expensive, but has has been working with this trip in mind.  I think she will do well in the friend making department – she is one of the nicest kids I know.(even if I do say so myself)

Anyway – those roads to Saskatoon!  Not bad from PA to Duck Lake.  Then they became snow and ICE covered for major stretches.  Slow driving – 60 to 80 kph most of the way.  And back over the same roads at night.  I hope it wams up enough to melt that stuff off the roads soon.  Leo drives the same roads today. 


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