What I learned in church today

No, I guess it may just have all kind of come together this morning.  God has been teaching me some of this stuff over a fair stretch of time with a bit more intensity in the last few weeks.


This morning I led the kids in their time together after the morning worship service.  We heard the story of how God protected this guy, Moses, as a small baby, being a child of the wrong race in a society out to get rid of children like him.  


It just happened that Moses was also talked about in the sermon – a man of faith.  


I guess all those things that happened to Moses were in preparation for the role God had for him.  Being protected from birth – being raised by his mother who must have said more than a few prayers over his little head – learning the inside workings of the pharaohs court, trying violence as a way of freeing his people, failing and fleeing, learning to live as a nomad sheepherder (that was good training) then finally hearing God’s voice and becoming a leader in spite of being stammering and reluctant.  I’m glad God chose to call into service people with flaws.  Maybe there are no humans without flaws anyway.  I find it hopeful that God could take this guy who was living a pretty ordinary nomad shepherd life and make him the leader he needed, transforming Moses into the person he needed him to be.  So, as Moses followed God’s instructions, as he grew in faith, he became the great leader that God wanted him to be.


It struck me that God wants us to be healthy; whole people.  Not just healthy in our spiritual aspects, but healthy in all of our many facets.  If we want to know God, if we want to hear his direction for our life, he will move us towards wholeness.  So as I come closer to him, instead of becoming only more “spiritual” and satisfied with that, he also shows me other aspects of my life that need to become healthier – things that make up my psyche where I need to become more healthy mentally and lifestyle things that would lead me towards better physical health.  I don’t know if I will ever arrive at that place of health that he desires for me, in this life – not likely.  I seem to have all these obstacles that I put up to run around, and I love chocolate far too much and procrastinate way too easily, but it is good to realize that complete health is God’s wish for me and that he will keep on working with me to move me in that direction.  


I think that if I can follow God like this that God will bring about healthy changes in me.  Then, like Moses in faith following God, he can move me towards the places he wants me to go, to do the work he has for me to do. 


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