Maundy Thursday

Sharing and serving each other around the Lord’s Table.  This is one of the most dignificant services of the year for me.  I guess the only difficulty in partaking is not going around the whole circle serving everyone.  There were many there tonight who are significant in my life.  God has given me good friends.

I missed those who could not be there. 

Tomorrow we will walk up the street to take part in the Good Friday service at the Anglican Church.  I think that I need smallness and maybe a bit of liturgy in my day tomorrow, rather than a big joint service across town.  I am sure that God will be present in both places.


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  1. I have a deep appreciation for the way that y’all shared His supper tonight. Randall lead our church in this a couple weekends ago. It was beautiful. He was in our community.

    I’ll tell you another thing. This Holy Week has put a bee in my bonnet. (Shameless promo of my blog) But I’ve written enough on that tonight. Now the real question is why am I wearing a bonnet?