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Sorry to see it end

Tomorrow it is back to work – although it turns out to be a very short week for me, today being a stat holiday and Friday being my day off.  This week is a school break so I am really off on Friday.  No school program to supervise. 

This weekend has been good but very busy.  Easter services were a refreshing break from getting all the documentation in order for my taxes. 

Oh, yeah – I also cleaned house.  A major cleaning.  I even emptied out a closet that, well I confess, had not been cleaned in ages.  Today I shredded, recycled and filled a bag for the Salvation Army.  The yard was also a disaster area so I hired Micah and he put in a good 5 hours of work on it.  We can now walk on the deck without getting wood chips caught between out toes.  Our dog thinks she is a wood chipper! 

One of the best things I did was begin walking again.  It is so easy to just gradually stop that kind of physical activity in the winter.  A stationary bike is no substitute for walking along the river bank.  Tonight I took Maisie (the dog) for a walk.  She hasn’t been trained much to walk on a leash but she seems pretty easy to train.  By the end of the walk she had stopped pulling on the leash and would sit down when we stopped moving.  I rewarded her with a big rawhide bone which is nowhere to be found.  I have no idea where she hid it.  I just wish she would chew it up rather than the firewood that Micah stacked by the fire pit. 


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