I'm just a bit excited



The call came this morning at work.  I have been accepted into the Certificate in Spiritual Direction program at North Park Seminary in Chicago. 


I have been waiting – patiently, mostly.  I have been trying to wait on God for this and have been telling myself that I would accept whatever comes.  But I must admit, God knows how much I have been wanting to do this.  I guess it is what he wants for me too.


The course begins in July.  It will be quite the way to start my vacation. 


Settle down, heart.  There will be a lot of just hard work I am sure.


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  1. Congratulations! How exciting.

    Is this the same program Randall’s in?

  2. Congratulations! Wendy and I will be praying for you.

  3. Linea

    Marc – Yes it is the same course as Randall is taking.