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Weekend events – Friendship and Teaching Kids to Rake

This has been a beautiful weekend.  The weather was great and I had the first real day off in a long time.  It was my regular Friday off but since I am usually seeing kids at the school dental program, I don’t usually get a real day off on Friday.  This Friday there was no school so no kids to check.  I slept in a bit and read.  I even did enough housework to relieve any sense of guilt associated with spending a large part of the day being fairly lazy.  The best part of the day was taking a friend to lunch in honor of her upcoming birthday.

Today began slowly too. 

Micah came over to do some yard work for me.  Goodness knows this yard needs all the help it can get!  I thought raking two sections of the yard would keep him occupied for about an hour – maybe a bit more.  He kept coming in to see if he was done yet.  We would go out together, I would show him how to really rake hard to get the old dead grass out and get the leaves out from the edges where they piled up in the winter.  Then I would suggest that he go at it systematically, sort of dividing the area up into smaller sections, doing one area well and then moving along to a new spot.  I don’t know but I think he got lost out there in the back by himself.  He came in about fifteen minutes later.  “Could I come and check to see if he was done?” 

I said, “Well, did you do the whole area like I showed you?”

“I don’t know,” he replied.  “I think so.”

“You must know if you did it all or not,” I said.

“Well maybe not exactly.”

So back we would go.  I would show him how to really rake hard again, and point out the 3/4 of the area that looked pretty much untouched.  By the end of two hours, he had done a good job over half the area I had estimated he might get done, gotten paid and was on his way home.  I think if he sticks with this job, he could keep going at it all summer.  I think he will learn what I want him to do – and get faster.  I like Micah.  But this may just not be his sort of work, do you think???

There was still time in the day for coffee with a friend.  That is always fun.  We were fantasizing about a fund raiser art show as well as getting a group of friends from the church together as a team for the Relay For Life.  Any artists out there with good work to donate?  Anyone with legs that would like to be on our relay team?


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