Family and Friends

Today seemed like friends and family day at the office – started out with my daughter, Rachelle, part way through the morning, a friend, and to finish up the morning, another daughter, Grace.  Then, lo and behold, another son calls me with an emergency – a piece of tooth broke.  I take home a mirror so I can check him out when he gets back into town – to really be my last patient of the day.  The rest of the patients were also friends, just not so close that I see them any other place, although you never know when a patient/friend will turn up in unexpected places.  My friend Keith, for example, was the violinist for the special Easter presentation at the Anglican church up the road.  Exchanging Easter blessings with a friend/patient was one of the special perks of that day.


University exams are over and now kids of mine are coming and going.  They show up unexpectedly, as Christian did last night.  They appear raid the fridge, use the guest bed and move on back to “their” places.  I am glad they belong here and know there is always a welcome, or at least a sense of comfortableness at our house.  I wonder what it will feel like to have an empty house.  I wonder if it will ever happen!


I hope that my guests/visitors who visit this blog space also feel welcome.  I have renewed acquaintances with some old friends here.  Thanks to those of you who contact me from far away – Gail, Seto, and others.  It is good to have friends and it is good that friendships can be picked up again even while long distances separate us. 


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  1. Gail

    Hi Linea, I sent Ingrid’s final letter with a few pictures which she sent to her supporters when she came home in March. Hope the files got to you OK. I recognize the come in, raid the fridge, maybe spend the night, out the door syndrom and welcome this phase in life. I’m also thankful for picking up friendships where they left off and renewing them. Any word from Sango? We trained him together in 1980-81. Gail

  2. …and thank you for the filling.

    nicely done.

  3. Sharon

    I was praying “the sissy” wouldn’t cry….too much 😉

  4. Linea

    Oh, Sharon. He is not really a “sissy”, he just has a healthy respect for a woman pointing sharp objects at him!