I spent the evening at the Rawlinson Centre watching my daughter, Grace, as she performed in the dance competition.  This year she was in two group Hip Hop numbers, one a group of five and the other a large line group.  It was fun to see her dancing with so much energy.  Both the numbers rated Gold.  

Last year seems such a long time ago.  This same competition was Grace’s last for the year.  She was three months pregnant and she did well to perform with the high energy levels that type of dance requires.  On Monday, Zakariya will be six months old.  I really should put a recent picture of him up here – I think I will.

Here he is.  Almost as big as his mom!



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  1. Show off that grandbaby! He’s a cutie.

  2. That is one cute little guy!!

    And I noticed today how great Grace looks!! (I’m now convinced that it’s the second baby that ruins the body forever.) 🙂