Today was one of the most beautiful days – in many ways.  It was Sunday so there was no guilt in not working in our yard or house.  Leo and I took the girls out for lunch since I forgot to get the roast into the oven before I left for church. 

Right after dinner, Leo and I took off for Christopher Lake to visit a friend who is fighting cancer.  Maybe friendship and a good visit is the best way to fight what a disease that that does.  On the way we took the old highway so we could stop and check out the waterfowl in the sloughs.  We did this both on the way out and back.  Must have counted 7 or 8 different birds – Canvas Backs, Ruddy ducks, Grebes, Canada Geese, Mallards, and a few other kinds that I, as a rank amateur bird watcher, can’t remember.  The day was beautiful. 

The old road was so bad that it is getting almost undrivable, however it makes for very light traffic and perfect for stopping. 

Since the day was so nice, our group that normally meets to study a book, decided to take a hike instead.  We went out to the Little Red Park and hiked for about an hour, then sat and talked for almost another hour. 

The combination of good friends and a beautiful day was about as good as it gets. 


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