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A Bit of Quiet

Finally my house is quiet and I have a bit of space to myself in this busy weekend.  Today, Leo’s brother is up for a visit and seems to be sick.  That is not so good but Leo has gotten him some meds and hopefully all will be well. As well, a cousin of Leo’s was over for the afternoon.  And Massa and Eric and Michelle.  The house gets full and I get uncomfortable.  I get to feeling like I can’t move.  And of course I still can and I hate being like that cause I get very grouchy. 

My feelings make me think of the “I do what I do not want to do” passage in the Bible.  I wish I could just relax and enjoy having people around.  I mostly do when I plan it but when people interfere with my plans and are just sort of there and I need to do other stuff then I am – well, I don’t like myself.

Anyway, the busyness seems to have died down and Massa and Patrick are sitting and playing a few tunes on the guitar.  Music calms me and it was good to hear them.  Amazingly, for a while the TV was off and it was quiet – just the music , all sort of peaceful. 

I am waiting for Zakariya to wake up so he can take a bath, eat and go to bed for the night.  Last night he slept pretty well, from about 10:30 till 4:30, drank a bottle and slept again till 8:30.  I wonder what tonight will bring.


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