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Proud Parents

This morning Leo and I sat with other parents in the St Mary Gym during the Awards Assembly, waiting proudly for our daughter, Sara, to be called up to the stage to receive an award.  A few days ago we received a letter from the school saying that she would be receiving a “special” award.  We suspected it might be a French award since she had applied for some thing a while back.  Instead she was called up to receive the Grade 11 General Proficiency award.  Overall outstanding academic achievement, excellence in sports and a life that demonstrated devotion to God.  Those were the qualifications.  We know she is a pretty special kid and are very proud of her.

Want to know the really funny part?  She shared the award with another student – a guy, Jory Longworth.  He just happens to be her boyfriend.  I guess one could say they are well matched!

Sara also had been asked to read the scripture in French for today’s ceremony, a job she also did well.

Tonight I went to a parent’s meeting concerning the PA youth Travel Club.  Sara has decided she wants to join this group for the trip to Thailand coming up in the Easter break.  She joined late so tonight was the first meeting we attended together. 


Wow, does she have some fundraising to do, but what an opportunity!  She seems to be our world traveller.


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