Father's Day

A day to honor fathers – I guess I am honoring the father of my children by letting him stay at home today and play golf in the afternoon.  My own dad – I will honor by trying to be a good parent for my kids.

I will be on my way shortly with Sara for Regina where she will be playing soccer.  Yesterday’s match was cancelled due to rain and poor field conditions in Saskatoon.  Last night when I got home from my retreat, I was surprised to find her here since she was expected to be in Saskatoon; I was to pick her up there and drive to Regina. 

My short retreat was good.  I will write more about that later.  The retreat center is up for sale.  There is only one sister there now and the congregation she is a part of is aging.  There are no new recruits to carry on this work.  That makes me sad as it is not likely gong to sell to a group that will use it as a spiritual retreat – perhaps it will be sold to a group wanting to have a native healing centre.  Oh for a few hundred thousand in extra cash!  I could live there quite happily. 


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