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Gearing up for the big day

This week is all about finals – till Thursday. 

Then we will switch into grad mode – party time!  It is a good time to celebrate the achievements Grace has made over the years.  Academics may not be her strong suit but she is going to make it. and if she can handle four subjects with a new born babe and do it with the strength she has shown, I think she can reach some of the goals she had in mind before Zaka came along. 

We seem to have had grads and weddings every summer for the past few years.  I think I have enough dresses and seem to wear them so rarely that they are still like new.  Unlike Lauralea, there are no new gowns in the plans for me.  And I am glad.  These big events eat up the cash in all the little and big things that are “needed.”


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