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Three weeks and counting

Here we are at the last week we do sedation till the end of the summer.  I am done work as of today for the long weekend.  Holidays start for my partner at the end of this week.  Our summer student arrives and starts on Monday.  Summertime.  I can hardly believe it will be only three weeks till my vacation begins.


And now I have received the list of books to read for the Spiritual Direction course I am taking this summer.  I need to find some time to read.  I have read the main text already and one of the additional reading books but with my mind that acts as a sieve sometimes, I think I’d better re-read them.


As well, there was mentioned that we need to bring some kind of 300 word personal life story narrative to be shared. 


So the next three weeks are going to be very busy ones.  And our visitors from England arrive today, I believe.  We do want them to see everything.  And try some of our local delicacies – like bison and deer and … oh, yeah Tim Horton’s   And share with them the vast array of local “ancient” history dating back to the early 1900’s.  It would be fun to visit some of the real ancient sites like the petroglyphs but they are a long way away.  They may have to settle for the more recent wall paintings by the local natives – ie: graffiti. 


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