Just Busy!

This week seems to have been extraordinarily busy.  We are getting ready to do some renovations around the office and I have a lot of little loose ends I must make sure are taken care of.  Today is my last day of work – actually only working this morning and then we close to move all our charts and stuff to the basement.  Right now the office looks really bare – pictures already off the walls and a couple of cupboards bare. 

Because we are all going to be moving stuff instead of seeing patients this afternoon, we are having an office potluck.  We won’t have to rush to try and fit a lot of eating into a half hour lunch break.  We will need to do lots of physical work after we eat so going up and down the stairs hundreds of times will be good for us.

I am looking forward to tomorrow except that I will have lots of home type loose ends to take care of before I leave.  sometimes it seems as if the rest of the family is allergic to shopping for groceries. 

Maybe I should just let them starve – what a way to coerce appreciation, eh?  They will all be so glad when I get back.


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