Off to Chicago

And here we are! 

We arrived in Chicago, no mishaps, very little weather on the flights till we got close to Chicago.  Near Chicago, just a bit before we began our descent, the clouds started to build.  There were some huge thunderclouds we had to skirt.  Up there in the clouds it was pretty cool.  The big thunderheads were like giant anvils, very flat on the top.  All around were big cumulus cotton balls.  This time there were only a few bumps but I think it took us a few extra minutes to fly around the really bad stuff. 

Randall was travelling with me, which was nice.  The stewardesses on our flight Calgary to Chicago were Ruby and Coco.  Randall says he says he doesn’t’t think you could have a name like Coco and be a pastor.  Well, no kidding, there is a dentist I took a course from one time – Dr Coco Garcia – so I guess you don’t have to have normal serious names to be a dentist. 

The hardest part of the trip for me was waiting in Calgary for three hours after we had gone through security.  There isn’t much to do in that area and there’s not much for restaurants or shops to wander around and look at.  and no TV sets to watch!  That I was surprised at.  If you want to work on your laptop, fine, but there is only wifi if you pay.

We took the El – I guess it is called the CMA train really, then the bus and got to our destination with no problem.  I like the transportation system here.  It is pretty quick and efficient from what I saw.  Just come prepared to buy your tickets – with change smaller than a $20.  Cause the machines that vend the tickets don’t give out any change!

Today our course here begins.  We retreat all day.  Somewhere.  We have to meet at 8 am to catch a bus and we will be secluded “somewhere” till 9 at night. 

Actually – I need this time with God to begin this course.  The last few days have been busy.


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  1. SharonK

    Remembering you in these days, dear friend. I’m really excited for you. Enjoy your time learning and experiencing…..and now for the next episode of Manganga (sp??) Paul.