What an Anniversary!

Today – Happy Anniversary Leo – I guess after 36 years we can stand a few days, even if one is our anniversary, apart.  I went out for Thai food today, Leo – it was very good.  Missed you.

Today has been good but pretty intense.  New ways of experiencing God and of being sensitive to his presence.  The practice of centering prayer was new to me.  I had read about it but it was very helpful to have someone walk us through it. 

And the listening groups, sharing stories and really listening.  That is something I need to learn – not so much for the listening but discerning what God is saying and speaking what I hear back – that will take some practice.  But I guess that is exactly what we are here for – to learn.

And now, it is evening, a hot evening after a very hot day.  I am tired.  Our day will be a bit shorter tomorrow and that break will be good.


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  1. Toni

    I’m glad it’s being good for you linea, even on a hot, sticky, tiring day. Hope the earlier finish you’ve had today helps too.

    BTW congrats on 36 years.