This isn't so much about books…

as it is about my weakness for collecting and reading them. 

Today I was determined to find a Canadian Tire store to make a necessary outdoors type purchase.  I found the store but goodness, you would think that we were already waiting for out first snowfall by the stuff they are putting on the shelves!  Where is the stuff for canoeing???  What is left of summer stuff is on the clearance racks.  I still have a week of summer vacation to go.  Something is very wrong here!

I failed to find what I needed but I found a good bookstore.

I am now a few books richer and several dollars poorer. 

I love browsing through a bookstore.  If I could only limit myself to browsing it would be cheaper. 


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  1. Steve Menshenfriend

    Hey. I’m back again. I’m not sure how I lost you, but I did. Now, I’m back. I love your blog. Steve.

    By-the-way … become poor and you will learn how to buy fewer books.

  2. Linea

    Even when we were “poor” books were one of our priorities. They became the gifts we would give each other and still are. But now that I can afford to buy them, I succumb easily to the call of a good book – and yesterday I had a hard time choosing from the array.

    One of the other joys in being able to afford books is also being able to lend them out or buy them for others. Considering that I can buy a good book for the price of a movie and popcorn and enjoy the reading for a lot longer eliminates pretty much all of the guilt I might have from the purchase.

    Glad you are back, Steve. Want to borrow a book?