And it went like this

The day started out early.  Leo had a meeting in Saskatoon at 9 am so he was up early.  Actually, I forgot to turn the alarm on but my built in alarm went off at 6 am so there was no problem.  He said to me after he put on his socks and was sitting on the bed, “If I am on the road by 7 I will have lots of time at this rate.”  Then he sat there for what seemed to me an endless amount of time – just sat there, contemplating who knows what.  So I replied, “At this rate you will still be sitting here at 9!”  Men!  Leo moves slowly in the morning.

I have a day off from work today so have made all sorts of plans in my head for what I will get accomplished.  There is a lot of office stuff to do with Yaunde – SIN #, open bank account, visit Randall to get introduced, visit Francophone school for intros, shop for toiletries, etc. 

Coming out of the gov’t building, task accomplished, SIN number in hand, we see that my vehicle has a flat front tire.  This should be no problem.  I have all the necessary parts in the back of the car, an instruction manual plus a guy who has done lots and lots of mechanical type work in tow.  Why bother CAA, right?  An hour later, the job is finally done and the CAA tow truck departs.  The jack supplied with my Honda and the slant of the pavement somehow are not compatible with changing a tire.  We could not raise the car high enough to get the tire off.  The CAA guy had to do the job.  He had a block of wood.

So now, half a day later, Yaunde and I have made it back home.  Missions accomplished.  As we have travelled around today, I could see that he was getting more and more uncomfortable.  His nasal passages are not used to this dry air.  Our last stop was to purchase saline spray and nasal jelly.  But by the time we got home his nose started to bleed. 

I assured him that if he didn’t die from the nose bleed he would get better. 


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