The last few days seem to have had an abundance of birthdays.  I was just counting up the people I know and in the last four days there have been at least five and this next weekend will be my Aunt’s birthday as well. 

Yesterday we celebrated some important ones – Birdie’s eightieth and Massa’s thirty-fourth. 

A thirty-fourth usually doesn’t rate a big party but in actual fact this was the first birthday party ever thrown for Massa.  We got a big cake – way too big for us to finish in one eating.  Since there are leftovers, you would be more than welcome to stop by for a taste. 

Massa loves music so the gifts he received kind of centered around that – a CD player and a years worth of guitar lessons. 

So, tonight the lesson’s begin. 

I will admit to some ulterior motives – I start taking lessons on the string bass tonight at the same time.  It will be handy having someone to help me manipulate my bass from house to car, in to lessons and back to home again.



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  1. Hey, if I didn’t think I’d get your whole household sick, I’d definitely drop by for some cake!! 🙂