The Last Bit of Vacation

Today was the first of two days off.  The last bit of my summer holidays that I had deferred for reasons that have since changed, not the least of which is that the retreat we considered holding this weekend became impossible.  I seem to have already filled these two days up so that the time will be gone way too fast. 

Today Massa, Yaunde and I went down to the multicultural centre to arrange for an interpreter for the written driver’s test.  That took a whole lot longer than I had planned.  The woman filling out the forms was soooo slow – she could have done the hunt and peck technique on an old typewriter in the Congo faster than she filled the forms out by hand.  But it is all arranged.  Now the guys are studying like crazy!

A good part of this day has been spent doing homework.  Finished one more book review.  Posted my first journaling exercise.  Worked on some more stuff.  There will not be enough time in just two days I’m afraid!  Well, I have till Oct.1st.  Time goes more quickly than it should when there is homework to be done.  I had forgotten that fact since school days.

I did get my hair done today – nothing unusual or radically different.  Just less grey and a bit less hair.  Tomorrow I get the eye’s checked.  Will see if my ptosis is severe enough to warrant getting my eyelids lifted from where they hang over my eyes.  I wonder if my old eyes are still changing.  Some days I get very frustrated by my forced dependance on glasses. 


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