Second lesson

Had my second string bass lesson today.  It is fun.  Imagine that from a person who long ago persuaded her parents to let her stop taking piano lessons.  What a difference it makes when you really want to learn and when you are old enough to pay for your own lessons!

I think I am figuring out what those guitar chords all mean too.  I am actually going to understand some stuff by the time I learn to play this thing.  And I will be able to play some songs, I think, without having to read all the notes.  I still will be learning them too but it is more of a challenge reading the bass clef than the treble one at this point.  In other words, I read them very slowly so I would have to play very slow songs at this point.

So, anyway, it is fun. 

The end of this week is the deadline for the book reviews for the Spiritual Direction summer intensive course.  I have one review to go.  I got a long spell today where I had no patients so got a fair amount of work done.  I think I will make it.  Then I can start reading for the next class which is going on already.  This one is a journaling practicum.  Since I have been blogging, it is a familiar exercise for me and enjoyable.  The biggest challenge of this course is that since I have started it a million little things have started demanding my time.  The course demands time and deserves my good and alert time if I want to let God shape me through it. 


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