Some good things

I wonder how long I’ll be able to keep it up.  Today I took an hour or so to go to a quiet place and just be.  Last week end I did the same but inside.  This evening I went out for a short walk down by the river.  Being quiet like this refreshes me mentally and spiritually.  As it gets colder I will try and continue to take this kind of time – likely up at our church’s prayer room.  It seems to give me a sort of stability I need. 

I lay back and watched the grey clouds scudding across the sky above me and was surprised at how quickly they changed to a collection of cloud lower on the horizon with the grey blue sky of the evening sky dominating the scene. 

I wonder what it is that makes us relate to God in these kinds of ways.  I am closest to his presence in the outdoors and in the quiet of being alone. 

A second good thing was started today as well – meeting with another woman for spiritual direction.  It is required for the course I am taking but although today was only the begining I think this will be good.   


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