Its done, its sent, its on time!

There!  The last book review has been sent in.  I finished on time, if just barely!

I had a lot to do today.  It is Grace’s 19th birthday, or was since I see that this is going to be posted after midnight.  We had a wonderful supper together, just the two of us, at Amy’s.  It is probably the most dignified place she is going to be tonight.  She turns the legal drinking age and she wants to party.  I am playing babysitter for her big evening out.  And praying she will be safe.

Eric is in Regina and Leo happens to be there for meetings as well.  Eric signs the register Monday.  Officially he will then be a lawyer.  I guess every family needs one.  It is good to see him at this milestone finally.  I hear there is some potential that he will be able to make a living at this job.  One kid all the way out of the nest?  I sure hope so.  My nest is pretty crowded.


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