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A Lawyer For Real!

Ten days ago Eric and Leo were in Regina together for a very important event.  Eric’s name was entered into the registry of lawyers for the province.  He has finished his bar course and his year of articling.  Now he has taken his oath and written his name in the register. 

Today we were invited up to the courthouse in PA for the induction ceremony to the court and the welcoming to the law society.  It was an impressive ceremony.  A bit long perhaps but I guess lawyers are known for their ability to ventilate hot air.  Today they had to be in their formal legal dress – robe, black pants, vest, special shirt kind of like a tux shirt (requires cufflinks if you remember what they are) and the tabs (white sort of tie thingies)

It was really pretty good to see one of my kids reach this kind of a milestone.  I will put a set of pictures up on Flikr and link to it here.


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