First Birthday!

It is hard to understand how a year can go by so quickly.  A year ago he was brand new.  He was just getting his name.  Zakaryia.  So tiny.  Had to be encouraged to suck.

A year later – he recognises food and thinks anything edible must be for him.  He loves to get his hands right in there and is catching on quickly to holding a spoon. 

Happy Birthday Zakaryia! 


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  1. Toni

    ‘Mazing to think we’ve actually met him too.

    Hoppy Birdy Zak.

  2. SharonK

    As I said this morning “Where exactly did that year go?” Birthday Blessings on the little darling…and his Mamma too.

  3. peg

    He really is one of the cutest kids around. And Grace is very good and generous with him. I remember my first Sunday in church she asked me if I wanted to hold him which of course I couldn’t resist.

    Happy Birthday Little Man

    You are one lucky fellow to have the love of the family you do.