From The Enneagram, A Christian Perspective

From my reading: The Enneagram A Christian Perspective by Richard Rohr and Andreas Ebert, The Crossroad Publishing Company, New York, 2006


“So how do we try to hear this Deeper Voice?  When God speaks, it is first of all profoundly consoling and, as a result, demanding!  Anybody who has walked long with God knows this.  There are two utterly different forms of religion:  one believes that God will love me if I change; the other believes that God loves me so that I can change!  The first is the most common; the second follows upon an experience of personal Indwelling and personal love.  Ideas inform us, but love forms us – in an intrinsic and lasting way.  God is always willing to wait for the lasting transformations brought about by love.  God must be very, very patient, surely with history but also with individuals.  Most of us want results that are practical and immediate.”  (p.xxiii)


This is just from the preface – it is a book full of insights.  I would not have thought that a study of personalities using this ancient tool would be so helpful to my own spiritual growth.  Someitmes it is scary looking deep into myself.  If I was not sure that God loved that inner me that I sometimes cover up with stuff I think is good on the outside, I don’t know that I would dare look very deep.


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