Santa Lucia

Today is Santa Lucia Day in Sweden.  I guess it kicks off the 2 week period before Christmas. 

Today I was able to get up to Birdie’s before work.  Leo and I were the first ones to arrive actually – both of us having to be at work around 7:30.  The Lucia maiden sang to us and we enjoyed some good coffee and buns.

My mother was Swedish so this part of my heritage should be celebrated but it is not something we did when I was growing up.  There were other things my mom did that were very Swedish – Jullotta service early Christmas morning, lutefisk and pickled herring,(not very pleasant IMHO), spritz cookies, potato sausage and spiced beef roll. 

I tend to do the things that are simplest and take the least effort.  I’m afraid that my kids get a bit cheated out of some of the special things I could do.  But I will make the tourtiere from my husbands French Canadian heritage.


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