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Getting Ready

Getting ready for an event as momentous as Christmas takes a lot of effort.  I think it would be nice to go to someone else’s place for a Christmas sometime – less work getting my house ready – but then I would miss having all the kids home.  So, I guess my place is going to be the gathering place for mnay more years to come. 

Today, being the day when I have to get most everything doen, began early.  I got up early and then fell asleep reading.  The second time I woke up I did really have to get going.  Headed out to do the last minuste shopping. 

Did it ever snow during the night!  I parked in Leo’s spot inside the garage and was sure glad.  I did not have to shovel my vehicle out from a snowbank and with the 4 wheel drive was able to back out of the driveway through a couple of snowdrifts.  With the snow and the relatively early hour it was still quiet downtown. 

Most of my day was spent shopping.  But I think I am set – mostly – for gifts. 

The pork was cooking overnight and when I got back from shopping it had cooled – ready to chop up for the tourtiere.  Nine pies ready.  Milk and eggs in the fridge for the rice pudding.  Ham, turkey and even frozen cabbage rolls.  We won’t starve.  Even if we are about 20 around the table.

We even got the tree up.  It isn’t decorated yet but it stands upright in a lot of water.  By tomorrow the branches should be spread out ready to go.  I am hoping the kids will get the urge to put the lights on.

Tomorrow will be another full day with the annual Christms Pizza party at church.  Fun and games for all.

And that about does it for today.


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