The Night Before the Night Before

I have been running full steam all day.  I think we are going to make it.  Presents are wrapped – mostly.  It always seems to be about now that I realize that one of the kids has no requests and I have no clue as to what they want.  Cold hard cash always seems to work. 

Anyway it is just about too late to do anything different.  I am about worn out.  My feet are killing me and I am too tired to use the foot soak stuff my front staff gave me.


And this is supposed to be fun?  This is celebrating? 

I think I need a good sleep.  Please God, keep Leo from snoring tonight – well, keep him breathing though.  Oh, you know what I mean God.  Keep us both in the safety of your hand and give us good rest.  We do want to be in a celebrating spirit for the day we remember your birth.


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