Snow Removal

One nice thing about blogging – it gives one a place to rant about pet peeves. So here goes.

Our streets seem to be littered with bright orange snow removal signs. This morning I almost ran overone that was lying flat on its face where I needed to park. I needed to park relatively close to the school I was visiting this morning, like within two blocks, since I had to trudge through the snow and I was not smart enough to wear my Sorels.

I know the sign has only been in its spot since the blizzard stopped – which is maybe two days. But in this town, it seems as if they put up signs for snow removal that have nothing to do with what is actually going to happen in the near future. I am sure that in the next few days or weeks or certainly before spring, the snow will be removed by the wonderful, hard working, city crews. But why not wait until they really mean it before putting out the signs? Then one could take them seriously and refrain from parking in those areas that would certainly be done that day and would, if you ignored their warning, leave the car buried under a graderload of snow.

End of this rant. I will see if I get away with parking in the same spot this afternoon!


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