I protest!

I have a major character flaw, trait or whatever you want to call it.  I love freedom.  I hate anyone telling me what to do.  I hate being challenged and told I can’t do something.  I can’t stand having my freedom cramped.
I really rebel against stuff that I am legislated to do.  If it is good why can’t I choose to do the right thing? Why does some government organization have to make up all sorts of rules that tell me how I have to do the right thing?  
Sometimes I wonder if, as a result of having to do things by legislation, we will forget our common sense and good manners, if we will get to the point where unless we are told, we won’t do things.  Maybe even forget that we can do things without being told.
I handle sharps all day – but I have to take a course to tell me how?  What an insult to the training we received to become medical personnel.  I control bleeding every day but I am told that I must take a course to learn how to do this?  What a waste of time and resources.  We did learn something in school and in residencies.
It seems to me that if these are essential to safely running a dental office then our training institutions had better make sure that this is one of the things on the official list that we are qualified to do.
I had a bad day.  Some things really tic me off.  Therefore I rant.  I still have freedom to do that.

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  1. joye

    Hey Linea…we are just getting more and more pre-occupied with doing things correctly and proving that we know what we know. We have to justify and reduce the risk in everything we do in the medical profession…trust me…sometimes it becomes so cumbersome that we can hardly do our jobs. Have a good day. Joye