All Day…

And for the past few days I have been busy with my part in what has been a great Covenant Annual Meeting.  My part has been to organize and see that childcare happens.  For the most part it has and has gone well thanks to all the volunteers I had help from.  Today was long though.

Tonight we had a great banquet and final concert put on by the students of Covenant Bible College. 

We were up at the Art Hauser Centre in a room off the main room where we had our banquet and the kids seemed to have a good time.  I borrowed the toys from the waiting room at my office.  The slide was a big hit and it is amazing what entertainment kids can get from a few blocks.

We did have to close the door to the room though.  Blocks make a huge amount of noise when they go crashing to the ground. 

Anyway, here I am listening to some smooth jazz at the Cafe Randall.  It is late and I should go home to bed but I like the music.


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