One thing I learned

One of the things I learned this weekend during the conference — sometimes I need to just serve.  I do not have to pack my head full of the latest information.  What I need to hear, God will make sure I hear.  I just need to be ready to listen.

So this weekend, I missed most of the meetings.  But I heard the real story about the escape from the fighting in the Congo by my friend Dr. Roger.  I needed to hear that. 

I heard stories of people I got a chance to listen to.  I made some new friends.  Some of the friends I made were under five years old.  They gave out the best hugs.

I also learned that doing a conference like this is a lot of work.  More than I thought.  But it was good work and when a good job is done and you are given compliments, it feels good.  Exhausting but good.  That was the weekend.

Now on with the kitchen reno.


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