On with the kitchen makeover

I am so tired tonight.  I guess I am still recovering from my cold and at the same time trying to do too much.  And having the house is such disorder from ripping out the kitchen…. well I think it is safe to say we will not do another kitchen renovation in my lifetime. 

Last night David and his helper worked till 4 am to get the drywall up so that the guy who is mudding it could start today.  They did it and he has started it tonight. 

Things are moving along.  I can’t say that I like washing dishes in the bathtub, but at least we have hot water.  I’m trying to look for some positives here.  Mostly I’m just exhausted at all the extra work it is to live in a house that is in disorder.

Today I made a  trip down to Saskatoon to finalize my choice in countertops.  We are going with concrete from Sand and Stone by Rempel.  I chose a dark colour – Ebony.  The edges will have exposed agregate so that will pick up the colours from the floor and the cabinets.  The island will show the agregate and we have added some amber colored glass to pick up the light.  Thle guy that does this says that the glass particles add some sparkle and depth to the surface.  It will look pretty great I think.  It will resemble granite a lot but has some advantages over it.  For one thing, it resists heat very well so hot pots placed on the surface will not harm it.  Just can’t cut directly on it.  A bit cheaper than granite and a lot more custom made as far as the colours and the choices of agregate additions.  I think it will really suit our house.

Then I went and ordered and paid for our floor tile.  Visited a couple of lighting stores and ended up with the lights I wanted from Home Depot for a very reasonable price.  Sinks are ordered.  Just have to get paint and pick up an over the stove microwave.  Still have to choose what to use for the backsplash – maybe an amber tinted glass, maybe clear, maybe glass tile or something.

So much work.

And meanwhile, back here in PA. a new life is welcomed to the world over at the Vandersluys’ – Olivia Kate.  Can’t wait to see her.  Check out the details over at Marc’s blog.


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