Up early and thinking

I woke up for the first time about 4 am.  Lying there in bed listening to Leo, newly diagnosed with sleep apnea, snore.  And stop.  Yeah, I can see where he stops breathing for 70 seconds at a time. 

I guess he will get the magic gadget to keep him puffing more regularly. 

I wonder if I will sleep better as a result.


Anyway, I really am sitting here thinking over the past year.  You see, I have a paper to write to kind of reflect and sum it all up. 

I am having trouble getting started.  Maybe there is just too much to think about; too much to remember and try to make sense of and draw significance from. 

And I need time.  Two weeks to do this.  But no scheduled time to just be quiet and listen to the voice of God pointing things out to me.

At the beginning of my journal I have written a prayer:

In the name of God
Who gives me life
May I nourish the lives around me.

In the name of Jesus Christ
Who exemplifies God’s love
May I grow closer to his example
And look more like him.

In the name of the Holy Spirit
Who empowers and enables me
May I become more aware of God in me.

It still is a good prayer for me as life continues and as I move along with it. 

Early mornings aren’t for everyone but they sure are good times for me.  Good times to think and listen.


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  1. JeanLinea-I want to welcome you to the "sleep apnea club"

    Linea – I want to welcome you to the sleep apnea club” to which I belong. Elvin has been on this machine for a couple of years now and I must say, we at least can sleep together now. For a year, he was banished to another bedroom. That’s how bad it was. Min you, he had a very loud voice anyway, so, I guess to goes to show that his snores would be very loud also.

    What I would like to know is, when Leo gets his machine, is, does his snore come out as a tremendous whistle?

  2. Linea

    Nope – he doesn’t snore when he uses it or not much anyway. Actually if they still snore they may need to increase the pressure of the flow of air. We were talking about that this morning and he was wondering if it was high enough or if he still snored.