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What am I doing here?

Here I sit on a beautiful Spring day isolated (by choice or necessity) in the prayer room at church writing.  One of the reasons I chose this place is that when I write I need quiet and solitude.  I especially need to be able to listen for God’s voice to me as I review the studies I have taken part in over the past year. 


It is that but in my quiet reflection over the year, I can see places God has been present. 

I am not the same self as the self that set out on this spiritual journey.  I know myself better now than at the start. 

Although I think I am more than ever aware of my weak places, especially personality wise. 

I am also becoming more content just with who I am.  God dosen’t require me to try and be anyone else.  I think he rather likes this creation of his.

So if he’s OK with me, who am I to stress out over it?


The paper is going well.  I have one more week to finish it. 

I am going to spend some time outside now.


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