What am I doing here?

Here I sit on a beautiful Spring day isolated (by choice or necessity) in the prayer room at church writing.  One of the reasons I chose this place is that when I write I need quiet and solitude.  I especially need to be able to listen for God’s voice to me as I review the studies I have taken part in over the past year. 


It is that but in my quiet reflection over the year, I can see places God has been present. 

I am not the same self as the self that set out on this spiritual journey.  I know myself better now than at the start. 

Although I think I am more than ever aware of my weak places, especially personality wise. 

I am also becoming more content just with who I am.  God dosen’t require me to try and be anyone else.  I think he rather likes this creation of his.

So if he’s OK with me, who am I to stress out over it?


The paper is going well.  I have one more week to finish it. 

I am going to spend some time outside now.


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  1. Geoff

    One of the beautiful things we continually come to realize is that we are all special, unique creations of the great Artist and that, despite all of our weaknesses and warts and bumps and flaws, we are loved by that same Artist. We don’t need to be anyone except exactly that beautiful, flawed work of art that we were made to be.

    That’s a growing realization that I don’t think ever stops happening our whole lives through.